May 10th - Tuesday: #wrbanalysis #wrbhiddengap #wrbzone #volatilityanalysis #correlationanalysis

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May 10th - Tuesday: #wrbanalysis #wrbhiddengap #wrbzone #volatilityanalysis #correlationanalysis

#1 Post by wrbtrader »

[09:29:24] * Now talking in #ThestrategyLab
[09:29:51] <@wrbtrader> Good morning...
[09:30:05] <werner1> gm
[09:30:42] <@wrbtrader> Hi werner
[09:31:29] <werner1> Hi mark
[09:34:05] <werner1> Shorts Emini NQ @ 12504.75
[09:34:20] <werner1> Covered all Emini NQ Short @ 12492.50 --> + 12.25
[09:37:24] <werner1> Long Emini NQ @ 12430.25
[09:37:49] <werner1> Exited all Emini NQ Long @ 12443 --> + 12.75
[09:47:00] <@wrbtrader> Yesterday morning trading session..there was only a few trade looks like the same too with the VIX above 30
[09:47:52] <@wrbtrader> Simply, catch a trade and try to hold on because there may not be another trade opportunity this morning
[09:48:11] <TigerBoy___> gm all
[09:48:47] <TigerBoy___> no KEY areas nearby in my charts
[09:49:54] <@wrbtrader> Yep
[09:50:12] <werner1> gm tg
[09:50:19] <TigerBoy___> gm
[10:03:15] <werner1> Long Emini NQ @ 12467.75
[10:03:28] <werner1> Exited all Emini NQ Long @ 12479.50 --> + 11.75
[10:11:07] <werner1> ok must go ...take care
[10:11:19] <TigerBoy___> bye
[10:14:46] <@wrbtrader> It's been awhile since I've seen a quiet morning like this in the markets
[10:15:14] <@wrbtrader> Yesterday was the same but it picked up a lot in the afternoon trading session
[10:16:20] <TigerBoy___> I use this calm to set up some charts lot of work to do
[10:17:09] <TigerBoy___> monumental work ... just back from rehab
[10:18:56] <@wrbtrader> Was it a rehab that you stayed there or you went back n forth every day ?
[10:20:11] <TigerBoy___> back and forth
[10:20:42] <TigerBoy___> it will be so long
[10:28:27] <@wrbtrader> My mom just finished a 2 month rehab for a broken ankle that she was recovering was long because of her age (elderly)
[10:30:34] <TigerBoy___> what will keep my rehab shorter it is the fact I have long story of training in gym
[10:31:20] <TigerBoy___> simply my big body building shoulders keep things softer
[10:32:03] <TigerBoy___> they acted like a natural airbag
[10:33:57] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 4024.50 -> small size
[10:34:07] <@wrbtrader> 2 contracts intuition
[10:39:18] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 4013.25 --> + 11.25
[10:39:36] <@wrbtrader> early exit...not a WRB pt1
[10:44:03] <TigerBoy___> Short x me via intuition now
[10:44:13] <TigerBoy___> SH mES @ 4012
[10:44:32] <TigerBoy___> exit 1/2 @ 4008 +4
[10:45:14] <TigerBoy___> exit all mES @ 4004.50 +7.50
[10:45:55] <TigerBoy___> intuition entry via increase volatility breaking last CV low
[10:49:02] <TigerBoy___> SH mES @ 3999.25
[10:49:20] <TigerBoy___> exit 1/2 @ 3999 +.25
[10:49:37] <TigerBoy___> exit all mES @ 3998 +1.25
[10:50:10] <TigerBoy___> intuition entry via Dome by strong sell pressure
[10:50:19] <TigerBoy___> small size
[10:50:32] <TigerBoy___> simply no KEY levels to risk a lot
[11:08:19] <@wrbtrader> another creeper downtrend...just like yesterday for awhile
[11:08:41] <@wrbtrader> VIX @ 34.53 and not range bound
[11:13:06] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 3980.00 -> small size
[11:13:15] <@wrbtrader> 1 contract
[11:13:20] <@wrbtrader> intuition
[11:13:26] <@wrbtrader> bouncing all over now
[11:13:35] <@wrbtrader> I'm now expecting a volatility spike
[11:14:22] <@wrbtrader> Emini ES had a Key KME WRB Zone sitting further down around the 3950 price area
[11:15:10] <@wrbtrader> Its not yet visible on my charts until I condense my charts
[11:16:01] <@wrbtrader> Covered Emini ES Short @ 3967.25 --> + 12.75
[11:16:09] <@wrbtrader> WRB pt1 reached
[11:19:18] <@wrbtrader> As you've noticed...I'm not willing to push size in "creeper price actions"
[11:20:15] <TigerBoy___> yep very small position
[11:20:21] <@wrbtrader> In the past, I've had too many big position trade losses in creeper price movements...
[11:20:40] <@wrbtrader> I'm not willing to re-live those trading nightmares again.
[11:23:16] <TigerBoy___> yeah creepy movements ... they are slow usually need ton of patience not so easy x me hang on on that
[11:40:52] <@wrbtrader> Looks like the Emini futures have mad a new support level
[11:56:40] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 3936.00 -> small size
[11:56:43] <@wrbtrader> 1 contract
[11:56:47] <@wrbtrader> early entry
[11:58:03] <@wrbtrader> correction..
[11:58:35] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 3966.00 -> small size
[11:58:49] <@wrbtrader> Covered Emini ES Short @ 3970.00 --> - 4
[11:59:32] <@wrbtrader> Pres. Biden on TV talking about Inflation
[12:00:09] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 3978.50 -> small size
[12:00:16] <@wrbtrader> 2 contracts
[12:01:27] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 3980.50 --> - 2
[12:01:45] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 3984.00 -> small size
[12:01:53] <@wrbtrader> 2 contracts
[12:02:34] <@wrbtrader> Exited all Emini ES Long @ 3981.00 --> - 3
[12:02:56] <@wrbtrader> range getting tighter near this new S area
[12:03:32] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 3980.00 -> small size
[12:03:43] <@wrbtrader> 1 contract intuition
[12:05:26] <@wrbtrader> Exited Emini ES Long @ 3985.00 --> + 5
[12:05:32] <@wrbtrader> trail stop picked
[12:07:20] <TigerBoy___> ok I exit here
[12:07:27] <TigerBoy___> take care see you next time
[12:07:41] <@wrbtrader> take care
[12:08:11] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 3979.00 -> small size
[12:08:23] <@wrbtrader> 2 contracts
[12:10:02] <@wrbtrader> Biden speech created a BRONCO RODEO RIDE :(
[12:11:41] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 3966.75 --> + 12.25
[12:34:56] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 3959.00 -> small size
[12:35:01] <@wrbtrader> should be obvious I'm trying to catch that 3950 R area of the Key KME WRB Zone that's sitting below
[12:35:07] <@wrbtrader> 2+1 contracts
[12:35:48] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 3961.00 --> - 2
[12:35:56] <@wrbtrader> punks :(
[12:36:36] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 3963.00 -> small size
[12:36:45] <@wrbtrader> 3 contracts
[12:37:29] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 3963.50 --> - 0.5
[12:39:18] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 3961.00 -> small size
[12:39:29] <@wrbtrader> 3 contracts re-entry
[12:40:33] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 3961.75 --> - 0.75
[12:41:12] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 3965.00 -> small size
[12:41:20] <@wrbtrader> 2 contracts
[12:42:19] <@wrbtrader> Exited all Emini ES Long @ 3967.25 --> + 2.25
[12:42:24] <@wrbtrader> geeesh :(
[12:42:31] <@wrbtrader> Price action all over the place
[13:09:42] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 3981.00 -> small size
[13:09:48] <@wrbtrader> 1+1 contracts
[13:10:44] <@wrbtrader> Exited all Emini ES Long @ 3979.00 --> - 2
[13:10:49] <@wrbtrader> :(
[13:11:48] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 3976.00 -> small size
[13:12:04] <@wrbtrader> 1 contract
[13:14:23] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 3972.00 --> + 4
[13:14:44] <@wrbtrader> lucky trade because I almost early exit out of the trade at a loss
[15:41:38] <@wrbtrader> Ok...I'm back after a long break
[15:57:08] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 3994.00 -> medium size
[15:57:16] <@wrbtrader> 4 contracts
[15:57:23] <@wrbtrader> will be a tough trade
[15:59:58] <@wrbtrader> Exited all Emini ES Long @ 3997.50 --> + 3.5
[16:00:13] <@wrbtrader> bailed
[16:00:18] <@wrbtrader> not a WRB pt1
[16:00:46] <@wrbtrader> I was trying to catch a late push back UP in the 4pm rush hour traffic
[16:01:00] <@wrbtrader> Take care and see you tomorrow
Session Close

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