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Copyright Protection DMCA Policy

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Our WRB Analysis, Price Action Only Trade Signal Strategies, and our verification images of trade performance are protected under The Digital Millennium Copyright Act and we aggressively pursue any violations or infringements of our copyright protection policy. In reality, this is more than just about copyright's also about cybersecurity that we at TheStrategyLab take very seriously.

We updated our copyright protection policy in June of 2011 when we discover our verification of trade performance images from the public domain of our website TheStrategyLab has been copied and renamed without our permission / without our knowledge.

We use the DMCA/Google to take down websites and blogs that download, and copy our redacted screenshots of trade performance to use our images to market/sell their scam automated trading systems/scam custom indicators.

Also, we use the DMCA/Google to take down websites and blogs that have sold our WRB Analysis Free Study Guide, Fading Volatility Breakout (FVB), Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters or Volatility Trading Breakout (VTR) trade signal strategies without our permission...permission that will never be given because we want no association with these frauds.

Just as important, we go after websites, blogs, or forums that copy and then repost our verification of trade performance images at their online locations without our permission including those that refuse to remove our images after we've notified them that the images were copied from our website without our permission.
Once we make a screenshot of our trade performance from our broker trade execution platform, broker statement (or fix it, as copyright parlance calls it) on your phone, a memory card, to our website/forum or otherwise, it’s automatically protected by copyright in the U.S. and in other Berne member countries...three of the countries that we are citizens of (France, Canada, and the United States).

It makes no difference whether we took the screenshot with a screen captured program, our smartphone, iPad, Android, or camera. Simply, as soon as we post our screenshots on our website / forum...we are in fact the publisher and original owner including of trade performance images posted by our members at our website / forum.
Berne Convention (International Copyright Protection) @
(click on links below to review broker trade execution platform with trading results)

Larger Redacted Screenshot @ ... atform.png

Archive Chat Log (Day) @

Also, copyright protection of our images (e.g. DOKs with key concepts of WRB Analysis, redacted screenshots of my trade fills in broker trade execution platform, redacted screenshots of my broker statements) are automatically copyright protected on each webpage / forum message post that I place the images within because they have the Copyright © 2002 - 2023 on the webpage.

In addition, I'm now in the slow process of watermarking my copyright on each individual image as you see in the image to the above/ image from my TheStrategyLab Review webpage. This makes it very easy for me to prove copyright infringement in either of the countries I'm a citizen...United States, Canada and France.

With that said, these individuals that violate our copyright protection policy then use our verification of trade performance images as their own to help sell scam automated trading systems and scam custom indicators while they know we do not use automated trading systems nor custom indicators. In addition, we've discovered the same individuals selling our WRB Analysis Free Study Guide and Fading Volatility Breakout (FVB) free trade signal strategy for a fee under various different names.

Some of these individuals will try to impersonate our members in an attempt to gain access to our private thread section to review key trading concepts that we only revealed in our private threads (not discussed in our fee-based education resources).
  • In fact, we have a good host of our website that will occasionally notify us of unusual hack attempt activities on our forum private sections from areas of the dark web known for criminal activities.
To minimize the efforts by these individuals, let us call them hackers...I've moved my public trade journal to the private trade journal section of the forum with other members' private journals in July of 2018.

Next, to help prevent these scam artists, trolls, frauds, and hackers from having access to TheStrategyLab copyright protected content...

TheStrategyLab now uses the services of the DMCA and Google to take down the websites reselling our education content or using our verification of trade performance images to promote their scam automated trading systems / custom indicators.

Unfortunately, there are so many of them, it's like a whack-a-mole game. Sadly, there are a few review websites or review blogs secretly affiliated with these reseller websites.

All of this is the primary reason why TheStrategyLab (wrbtrader) does not post its price action trading concepts and verification of trade performance images at other locations because if we did that...we will no longer control our content because the owner of those sites and their anonymous users can use our education content any way they want...without our permission.
The DMCA stands for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act under the U.S. copyright law. It covers the rights and obligations of the beholders of copyrighted materials whose rights have been infringed (usually online). DMCA’s regulations apply also to the rights and obligations of the Internet Service Providers and the servers or networks on which the infringing content was placed.

On October 12, 1998, Congress passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The law became effective in October 2000 and it has been incorporated into the Copyright Act (Title 17 of the U. S. Code).

You can find out more about cybersecurity via DARKReading @ and Cytelligence @

Therefore, you yourself are not allowed to re-disseminate, re-distribute, repost any aspects of our price action only strategies, wrb analysis or any other resources of ours to file sharing, message boards, forums, blogs, websites, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Stocktwits, news groups, emails, mail nor via any other social network communication source without the permission of regardless if you're a fee-base client or not.

We are protected via the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) @

Just as importantly, we use the services of to protect and monitor TheStrategyLab resources such as our images of redacted screenshots of trade fills in broker trade execution platform, images of broker statements, key concepts such as WRB Hidden GAP interval / WRB Gap interval / WRB Zone / Supply Demand Swap and key concepts from our fee-base trade strategies. These are key concepts exclusive to that are DMCA protected and copyright protected.

Most violators of our copyright protection are from India, Pakistan, China, Russia, Panama, and the Philippines that then hide their identities via websites that use services like,,,,, and any other information we find in the Whois info @ or ICANN whois @ regardless if the violators are hiding their identity/websites behind private registrations.

We concentrate our efforts on these particular countries and other countries not listed above after they attempt to market (resell) our education content in English around the world via the above listed website services that allow copyright-protected material to be sold illegally through their business. Further, we contact the copyright infringement departments of social media services like Twitter, Stocktwits, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Youtube if the violator has an account with them for the purpose of reselling or sharing our education content without our permission.

In fact, our members post verification of their trade performance via redacted screenshots of trade fills in broker trade execution platform and quantitative statistical analysis. Digital frauds show up to copy (steal) our redacted screenshots of trade fills in broker trade execution platform, copy (steal) the quantitative statistical analysis of real profitable traders, and copy (steal) charts from our education content for the purpose to use the images to promote their fraud automated trading systems...a new level of copyright violation.

TheStrategyLab has been a target of these types of digital frauds for many years and it resulted in the creation of our private section in the forum to protect members digital content and protect our own digital content. Just as importantly, our redacted screenshots / broker statements / education charts are now monitored and protected by the DMCA.

Also, we deny access to those trying to use via rented IP addresses, VPNs, and other services in an attempt to hide their real location or try to be anonymous while using our resources...resulting in their access being temporarily or permanently suspended with no refund.

We easily identify the violators and then report them to Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines so that the caches of these violators are removed from the search engines. Further, all of our education content contains hidden codes to help us easily identify the specific person that's violating our copyright protection policy.
  • You have our permission to freely give traders a copy of the WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 1, 2, and 3 study guide. It's the only information from our free or fee-based services you're allowed to share with other traders. Yet, you're not allowed to sell the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide for a fee.
  • Those violating copyright policy have had their websites, blog or any online presence removed, suspended, and deleted from search engines and social media.
In addition, they were forced to reveal the identities of the violator that used their services to infringe upon our copyright protection and the copyright policies of others. Also, we notified others that are having their copyrights violated by the website including instructing them how to file a complaint too at the name hosts, registrars, and Google DMCA including giving them information about a law firm that has very good communication with the legal team for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google,,,,,,, and others.

Further, you're not allowed to provide education (free or fee-based) via revealing concepts from our Fading Volatility Breakout (FVB), Advance WRB Analysis Tutorials, or the Volatility Trading Report (VTR) trade signal strategies regardless if you use the exact same words or rephrase the concepts without the permission of

Members that ignore the copyright protection...the following will occur:
  • You will be denied access to corrections, updates, new versions, discussion forums, and chat rooms and not allowed to purchase any other fee-based resource of (e.g. in-person mentoring).
  • Agreements for your access to any new resources, bonus materials via special promotions, and refund policy will be voided.
  • File sharing, forums, blogs, chat rooms or any other online location that continues to store the message posts or files after we've contacted them about the copyright protection violation will have the URLs (links) to those messages removed from all major search engines cache (e.g. Google DMCA policy) upon notification to the search engines about the copyright protection violation.

    In addition, Google and other major search engines will remove the ranking and no longer index the website of those that continue violating our copyright protection even if the information they post is bogus (fake).
Simply, you're not anonymous. and a few trusted clients are members of the most active trading forums around the world via different user names. We often use forum searches and search engines to search for discussions involving concepts from our trade methodology. Therefore, it's not worth risking losing access to resources of because we often give members in good standing free access to bonus education material.

Also, each client has a unique copy via an identifier code embedded within the strategies to make it very easy for us to determine which client or none client has been sharing our fee-base material without our permission...including bogus (fake) copies. Therefore, we'll seek legal counseling for possible legal action against the member and any forum, blog, chat room, website et cetera that continues to allow posting or file storage of our copyright-protected education material after search engines have removed the URLs (links) from their cache.

WRB Analysis (wide range body analysis) was designed in the early 1980s by M.A. Perry via merging the study of changes in volatility and supply/demand as a method for understanding the price the critical market context. It was a high school project, created by accident while drawing hand charts for my old man and the school entrepreneur club. This method has objective rules unique to and we have traders documented since the 1980s using our WRB Analysis although marketing of the trading methodology for financial compensation didn't occur until the year 2000-2001.

In fact, WRB Analysis Tutorials is basically unchanged since origination except for some small adaptations in a few of the tutorial chapters whenever market conditions change to merit such a change. However, all changes are only via the concepts of M.A. Perry from many years of market/trading experience.

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