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Anti-Troll, Anti-Scam, and Anti-Spam Policy

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First of all, do not join TheStrategyLab to post unsolicited spam messages, to post about scam automated tradings systems / scam custom indicators, and do not join TheStrategyLab to troll our members or TheStrategyLab (wrbtrader).

We're very professional but we do not turn the other cheek to individuals that are unprofessional, illegal resellers of copyrightt protected education content, liars, frauds, immature, and have hidden agendas online, especially the ones using fake identities, voice changer apps, impersonations, rented IP addresses, VPNs to try to hide who they really are while using our resources.

Image Trolls Review @

It's simple...we do not like individuals that troll, stalk online TheStrategyLab (wrbtrader) for whatever reason especially those that are not able to verify they understand the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide by posting DOKs and/or not able to verify they've applied the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide to their trade signal strategy by posting redacted screenshots of timestamp trade fills in their broker trade execution platform.

Further, we have a great dislike of trolls that post misinformation / disinformation / racist commentary online and then try to join TheStrategyLab Support Forum as a payback after I (wrbtrader) called them out at another online location for their behavior. In fact, we ban without warning any member that we suspect is a troll or who has been trolling us at other online locations.

Thus, TheStrategyLab only caters to traders that have a sincere interest in learning / applying the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide.

Image DMCA Protected & Monitored @

We use the DMCA/Google to take down websites and blogs that download, and copy our redacted screenshots of trade performance to use our images to market/sell their scam automated trading systems/scam custom indicators.

Also, we use the DMCA/Google to take down websites and blogs that have sold our WRB Analysis Free Study Guide, Fading Volatility Breakout (FVB), Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters or Volatility Trading Breakout (VTR) trade signal strategies without our permission...permission that will never be given because we want no association with these frauds.

Just as important, we go after websites, blogs, or forums that copy and then repost our verification of trade performance images at their online locations without our permission including those that refuse to remove our images after we've notified them that the images were copied from our website without our permission.
Once we make a screenshot of our trade performance from our broker trade execution platform, broker statement (or fix it, as copyright parlance calls it) on your phone, a memory card, to our website/forum or otherwise, it’s automatically protected by copyright in the U.S. and in other Berne member countries...three of the countries that we are citizens of (France, Canada, and the United States).

It makes no difference whether we took the screenshot with a screen captured program, our smartphone, iPad, Android, or camera. Simply, as soon as we post our screenshots on our website / forum...we are in fact the publisher and original owner including of trade performance images posted by our members at our website / forum.
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With that said, we are strong supporters of the following organizations involved in helping to stop spammers, scammers et cetera. In addition, we use the services offered by the below resources.

Simply, all new memberships are verified prior to allowing access to the TSL support forum, and appropriate action will be taken against those that came here with the intent of spamming, scamming, stealing copyright-protected content, or trolling.

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