November 7th Tuesday: #wrbanalysis #wrbhiddengap #wrbzone #volatilityanalysis #correlationanalysis

These are #TheStrategyLab chat room logs that we use to post our thoughts and trades from one trade to the next trade while using WRB Analysis.

Each member is responsible for adding these chat logs to their private trade journal to provide critical information to their posted redacted screenshots of trade fills from their broker trade execution platform, broker statements, and quantitative statistical analysis from their professional trade journal software.
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November 7th Tuesday: #wrbanalysis #wrbhiddengap #wrbzone #volatilityanalysis #correlationanalysis

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[08:41:35] * Now talking in #TheStrategyLab
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[08:47:43] <@wrbtrader> November 7th Tuesday
[08:47:54] <@wrbtrader> Good morning
[08:48:12] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 4376.75 -> large size
[08:48:31] <@wrbtrader> 10 contracts
[09:53:00] <@wrbtrader> strange price action continuing from yesterday
[09:54:40] <@wrbtrader> VIX is still suspiciously low with all the WAR chaos occurring in the middle east
[10:00:56] <@wrbtrader> back up to the Key KME WRB Zone
[10:01:13] <@wrbtrader> Exited all Emini ES Long @ 4387.00 --> + 10.25
[10:01:49] <@wrbtrader> crazy trade I held on since early this morning
[10:02:29] <@wrbtrader> WRB pt1 reached
[10:06:26] <@wrbtrader> That S area of the Key KME WRB Zone has been tested since Friday p.m. session but can not stay above it too long
[10:10:41] <TigerBoy___> hi wrbtrader
[10:12:01] <TigerBoy___> also today I have to go, something to fix, that prevents me from trading
[10:15:09] <TigerBoy___> see you next time take care
[10:19:02] <@wrbtrader> Long Emini ES @ 4382.75 -> large size
[10:19:14] <@wrbtrader> 10 contracts
[10:43:04] <@wrbtrader> price now above R area of Key KME WRB Zone...
[10:43:12] <@wrbtrader> with contracting volatility now
[13:39:00] <@wrbtrader> not sure if price can get back above 4400
[13:41:13] <@wrbtrader> volatility contracting a lot above 4400.00 a few ticks
[13:41:27] <@wrbtrader> I'm now expecting a volatility spike soon
[13:41:51] <@wrbtrader> hopefully it will push price UP and not DOWN
[13:42:36] <@wrbtrader> Exited all Emini ES Long @ 4400.00 --> + 17.25
[13:43:07] <@wrbtrader> WRB pt3 reached
[13:44:01] <@wrbtrader> too much weakness to risk staying in this Long position here above the R area of the Key KME WRB Zone
[15:04:08] <@wrbtrader> range bound price action
[15:04:15] <@wrbtrader> I'm calling it quits here. Take care and see you tomorrow
[15:04:19] * Disconnected

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