March 2nd Thursday: #wrbanalysis #wrbhiddengap #wrbzone #volatilityanalysis #correlationanalysis

These are #TheStrategyLab chat room logs that we use to post our thoughts and trades from one trade to the next trade while using WRB Analysis.

Each member is responsible for adding these chat logs to their private trade journal to provide critical information to their posted redacted screenshots of trade fills from broker trade execution platform, broker statements, and quantitative statistical analysis from their professional trade journal software.
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March 2nd Thursday: #wrbanalysis #wrbhiddengap #wrbzone #volatilityanalysis #correlationanalysis

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[08:13:50] * Now talking in #TheStrategyLab
[08:13:51] * ChanServ sets mode: +o wrbtrader
[10:18:14] <TigerBoy___> gm all
[10:22:15] <TigerBoy___> SH mES @ 3941.75
[10:23:25] <TigerBoy___> ok trail right now @ 3940
[10:23:37] <TigerBoy___> it retrace alway so fast
[10:23:53] <TigerBoy___> trail for few contracts
[10:24:15] <TigerBoy___> most of posizion exited @ profit
[10:24:58] <TigerBoy___> exit mES @ 3936 +5.75
[10:26:17] <TigerBoy___> it tretrace after hit today s Kme area
[10:31:32] <TigerBoy___> anothe S hare
[10:32:17] <TigerBoy___> here
[10:32:37] <TigerBoy___> could trigger a long or a sell here
[10:32:53] <TigerBoy___> simply important area
[10:48:04] <TigerBoy___> we have this area above cause headache
[10:48:29] <TigerBoy___> infact I did many entry re-entries mix long /short
[10:49:06] <TigerBoy___> considering I have to go if it not does something great I ll call it quit
[10:54:06] <TigerBoy___> LG mES @ 3948 large
[10:54:16] <TigerBoy___> now moved my trail
[10:55:11] <TigerBoy___> exit all mES @ 3951 +3
[10:55:23] <TigerBoy___> crossed Up my S KEY area
[11:05:37] <TigerBoy___> ok I exit here
[11:05:49] <TigerBoy___> take care you and all see next time
[12:01:04] <wrbtrader> Good afternoon...a lot of personal errands today for me. Thus, not trading today. See you tomorrow
[12:01:51] * Disconnected

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