WRB Hidden Gap Indicator & Wide Range Bar Analysis - Warning

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This thread contains free access to the WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters 1, 2 and 3 study guide along with being the location for you to post questions about the tutorial chapters contents involving WRBs, WRB Hidden GAPs, key market events (KMEs), or KME WRB Zones after reading the free study guide. In addition, this section is for posting "demonstration of knowledge (DOK)" to qualify for access to other free resources (e.g. ##TheStrategyLab chat room, FVB basic trade signal strategy).

These tutorials are not trade signals nor do they mentor you as a trader. They are designed to improve your understanding of the price action you're trading prior to the appearance of whatever trade signal strategy you're using regardless of you're day trading, swing trading, or position trading. Further, the tutorials can improve your trade strategies performance by merging the tutorials into your trade signal strategy. Yet, most users of WRB Analysis are using its price action analysis & trade strategy concepts to design their own trade signal strategies...discretionary, mechanical, or proprietary systems.

Image What if you're not able to do your own quantitative statistical analysis ???

We strongly recommend that you use professional trade journal services that will do the statistical analysis for you - tradebench.com, edgewonk.com, tradervue.com, tradingdiarypro.com, tradersync.com, stocktickr.com, journalsqrd.com, tradingdiary.pro, mxprofit.com, trademetria.com or create your own via excel like spreadsheet.

Your Key Responsibilities: 1) You must have a trade signal strategy. 2) You must have a quantitative statistical analysis of your own trade signal strategy...backtest, simulator, or real money trade performance prior to using WRB Analysis Free Study Guide. 3) You must verify your learning (understanding), and verify the application of WRB Analysis Free Study Guide by posting DOKs and redacted screenshots of timestamp trade fills in your broker trade execution platform...no exceptions.

If you do not do the above responsibilities, you will not be able to determine the merits of WRB Analysis, you will not be allowed access to our education resources nor will you be allowed to purchase our fee-based resources (purchase qualification since 2014).

Updates: The new WRB Analysis Free Study Guide 2022 v2.6 has recent price action charts, corrections, and updates to the old 2014 v2.5 free study guide version. The new version is currently only available to traders that have an active trade journal with screenshots of timestamp trade fills (simulator or real money) in broker trade execution platform here in our private thread section or you can just wait for the release of the new version later in the year.

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WRB Hidden Gap Indicator & Wide Range Bar Analysis - Warning

#1 Post by wrbtrader »

WRB Hidden Gap Indicator

The indicators (coded WRB Hidden GAP intervals) shown on the below charts are not WRB Analysis nor are they associated with TheStrategyLab.

All (every one of them) of the below charts are from websites that incorrectly use key concepts from WRB Analysis and none of them discuss any Key Market Events (KMEs) for each of their shown WRB Hidden GAP interval that produces the colorful zones on their charts that they have coded the WRB Hidden Gap interval as an indicator.

Almost all of the below charts are associated with mt4 & mt5 platforms and used by Forex traders and bitcoin traders. As stated, they trade forex or bitcoins but they do not believe in key market events (KMEs) causing key changes in supply/demand or maybe they do not know how to incorporate it into their trading/coding. In contrast, TheStrategyLab relies heavily on KMEs to determine the WRB Zones in our trading.

Reminder...TheStrategyLab does not use indicators, mechanical systems, or codes for trading. Thus, I am a manual point-n-click retail trader. My trading performance is dependent upon part psychology, part art, and part science...the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide is a piece of the puzzle involving part science. Therefore, these coders of mt4 & mt5 will not discover any secret sauces inside my WRB Analysis Free Study Guide especially considering it does not teaches how to trade.
This is the prime reason why they're not able to differentiate one WRB Hidden Gap interval from another WRB Hidden Gap interval. Simply, they did not use the tutorial chapter 2 key concepts about WRB Zones that qualify or disqualify a WRB Hidden GAP as a WRB Zone. Just as important, they did not use tutorial chapter 3 which uses their trade signals to determine if their trade signal qualifies or disqualifies as a WRB Zone.
Simply, they've coded tutorial chapter 1 but are not able to code tutorial chapters 2 & 3 of the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide.

Further, some of them will use clever words/phrases to name their indicator. A few examples are imbalance, fair value gap, or supply and demand zone after the author used a fake name to contact me to learn more about my WRB Analysis Free Study Guide. [ec44]

More importantly, they do not post any verification of trade performance for their indicators and it's not flattering to TheStrategyLab to see so many websites selling a few key concepts from my WRB Analysis Free Study Guide without the critical Key Market Event (KME) concept.

That's OK if they understand WRB Analysis alone is not a trade signal strategy and that it only works with a trade signal strategy. In addition, they should acknowledge using WRB Analysis without KMEs and/or without the WRB Zones discussed in detail in tutorial chapter 2...they're not using WRB Analysis.

You can find the websites associated with the below charts by searching on Google using the search words "WRB Hidden GAP Indicator". The charts below are only from several websites although +100 websites are selling WRB Analysis (tutorial chapter 1) as an indicator. :((

Google Search Results - WRB Hidden Gap Indicator

The websites in the Google search results with their infamous WRB Hidden Gap Indicator are using WRB Hidden Gap intervals as an indicator for buy/sell signals while incorrectly seeing every WRB Hidden Gap interval as a trade signal when price action crosses the s/r levels of the WRB Hidden Gap indicator.

As stated above in my opening statements in this message post, many of these websites have coded the WRB Hidden Gap interval as an indicator. Almost all of these sites are associated with mt4 & mt5 platforms and used by Forex traders. Strangely, they trade forex but they do not believe in key market events (KMEs) causing key changes in supply/demand or maybe they do not know how to incorporate it into their trading. This is the prime reason why they're not able to differentiate one WRB Hidden Gap interval from another WRB Hidden Gap interval.

Yet, the worst offenders do not acknowledge the fact that most WRB Hidden Gap intervals do not qualify as a KME WRB Zone. Just as bad, they do not tell you which WRB Hidden Gap intervals are a result of a key market event. Further, they give no quantitative statistical analysis of using WRB Hidden Gap intervals as an indicator. Also, they do not show any verification of learning (understanding) and applying the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide nor do they verify the application of their indicator with redacted screenshots of trade fills in broker trade execution platform.

The good thing, most of them are not making any references to TheStrategyLab nor pretending their indicator has something to do with WRB Analysis. Most do not mention the words "WRB Analysis" although some of these indicators are now associated with reseller websites.

(Click on link below to review fake WRB Hidden GAP Indicators)


Alert: There are several fraud reseller websites selling the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide for a fee via names like Trading Manual, Wide Range Bar Analysis, TheStrategyLab Price Action Trading (No Indicators), WRB Hidden GAP indicator, Supply / Demand Swap Zones Indicator, Wide Range Bar Indicator, Forex Trading ebooks, Bitcoin Trading ebooks and other titles without our permission...

Reminder, the above content is not WRB Analysis. A few had the audacity to copy my redacted screenshots of trade fills in my broker trade execution platform and then resell them. It's the sole reason why I moved my public trade journal into the private trade journal section and I now copyright protect most of my important redacted screenshots as shown in the first redacted screenshot above in this message post...I then use Google and the DMCA to take down their websites/blogs for violation of my copyright protection.

The image shown above represents just one website/blog out of many trying to sell the WRB Analysis Free Study and/or a trader is reselling his interpretation that all WRB Hidden GAP indicators qualify as a WRB Zone since 2010. Most of these resellers are from China, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Indonesia and do not trade while working secretly with a review website.

A few resellers are banned trolls from my free chat room. Further, several of these resellers have become trolls after I had Google take down their websites that sold WRB Hidden GAP indicators as if they were from TheStrategyLab. Some even had the audacity to sell my redacted screenshots of broker statements or sell redacted screenshots of trade fills in broker trade execution platform, sell members DOKs about WRB Analysis after they've copied the images from here @ forum/website.

Worst, a few of the fraud reseller websites are secretly affiliated with review websites and their so-called indicator identifies incorrectly that every WRB Hidden GAP interval is a WRB Zone.....

The fact, only a small percentage of WRB Hidden Gap intervals qualify as WRB Zones. In addition, those reseller websites also present the WRB Hidden GAP indicator in error as trade signals when in reality their codes are fake trade signals that do not work as trade signals nor work as identifying WRB Zones.

Avoid these reseller websites that sell WRB Analysis as Indicators or as Wide Range Bar Analysis that does not recognize Key Market Events (KMEs) nor recognize many other key variables of a WRB Zone because they are falsely selling WRB Analysis as a trade signal.

(Click on link below to review Babak Behboudi b.s. claim as TheStrategyLab on Twitter)


In addition, there's a Twitter / Facebook TheStrategyLab associated with Bitcoins by some guy who refers to himself as a startup accelerator, cryptocurrency investor, and evangelist. The owner made an offer of a few hundred bucks back in 2012 to buy my website name after he realized I owned the website name since 2002.

I declined his offer but he instead decided to go ahead and create a presence on social media like Twitter / Facebook with TheStrategyLab name even though he's inactive. Strangely, I can not find any products from this guy with TheStrategyLab name. Therefore, he either created his social media feeds to harass me or he's afraid (rightfully so) to create products with TheStrategyLab name...that would open him to litigation about using my name on his products.

Regardless, to counter his intrusion on my website name and the username wrbtrader...I make sure the hashtag #thestrategylab and #wrbtrader primarily points back to TheStrategyLab.com website and not his fraud cryptocurrency social media feeds.

The mistake I made was creating my social media feeds via only the wrbtrader name instead of both via TheStrategyLab and wrbtrader names. Also, when Twitter (2006) and Facebook (2004) started as social media sites...I didn't like them nor did I view them for business/professional use. Yet, I started using the wrbtrader user name on social media in 2009 even though I own the website name TheStrategyLab since 2002.


Wide Range Bar Analysis

I'm not sure who created Wide Range Bar Analysis while TheStrategyLab consistently uses the phrase WRB Analysis for Wide Range Body Analysis even though WRB Analysis is applicable on Bar charts for those that do not want to use Candlestick charts.

The most important distinction between the two...WRB Analysis (Wide Range Body Analysis) is not a trade signal strategy. It is a price action analysis that must be merged with whatever trade signal strategy you're using. In contrast, Wide Range Bar Analysis is a trade signal strategy by someone else that does not use key market events (KMEs) and does not use the objective rules of tutorial chapters 2 & 3 from the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide.

Also, WRB Analysis is not about Japanese Candlestick Analysis...WRB Analysis involves volatility analysis and understanding of how key market events (KMEs) manipulate the volatility in the markets.

Unfortunately, some traders are using Wide Range Bar Analysis while incorrectly believing they're using WRB Analysis. More info @ https://www.forum-tsl.thestrategylab.com/viewtopic.php?t=12

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry
Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body/bar analysis)
Image@ https://twitter.com/wrbtrader and https://stocktwits.com/wrbtrader

Phone: +1 224 307-4434
Business Hours: 8am - 5pm est (Mon - Fri)
Skype Messenger: kebec2002

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