May 2nd Tuesday: #wrbanalysis #wrbhiddengap #wrbzone #volatilityanalysis #correlationanalysis

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May 2nd Tuesday: #wrbanalysis #wrbhiddengap #wrbzone #volatilityanalysis #correlationanalysis

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[09:29:43] * Now talking in #TheStrategyLab
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[09:29:53] <@wrbtrader> Good morning...
[09:31:11] <@wrbtrader> CME Group Alert - KEY MARKET EVENT
[09:31:11] <@wrbtrader> E-mini S&P 500 trades down 1% from its previous close
[09:31:11] <@wrbtrader> 5 hours after E-mini S&P 500 trades down 1% from its previous close has shown the most consistent results
[09:31:11] <@wrbtrader> On May 02, 09:22 AM, E-mini S&P 500 price declined 1% from its previous close. This has occured 105 times over the last 12 months.
[09:31:11] <@wrbtrader> 50% (53 out of these 105 times), the price has decreased 5 hours later by an average of 25.92 points. The maximum decrease in price has been 114.75 points.
[09:31:11] <@wrbtrader> 52 times out of 105, the price has increased 5 hours later by an average of 25.14 points. The maximum price increase has been 125.5 points.
[09:36:08] <@wrbtrader> Shorts Emini ES @ 4171.50 -> large size
[09:36:26] <@wrbtrader> 10 contracts
[10:32:49] <@wrbtrader> Covered all Emini ES Short @ 4131.25 --> + 40.25
[10:33:19] <@wrbtrader> WRB pt4 reached
[10:34:02] <@wrbtrader> now testing a big Key KME WRB Zone that was sitting almost 40 points below my Short...crazy market reaction to what's occurring in France for the May protest/worker unions protesting against pension reforms...watched it unfold live-streamed on me a very bearish outlook today in the markets that coincided with intraday market tendencies.
[10:35:14] <@wrbtrader> Take care and see you tomorrow...will be watching live streaming news of the protestors in France on Youtube for the remainder of the day
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